Health Awareness Society Of Australia ( HASA) is a non-profit organization established in 2018 which is working to create awareness of health-related issues in the multicultural community of Australia.

HASA raises health awareness in Australia by implementing preventative programs and developing awareness material. HASA encourages Australians to change unhealthy habits and lifestyles through capacity building, interactive learning, and continuous support and guidance, in turn seeking changes in national health policies according to the healthcare need of the multicultural society.

HASA believes healthy mothers can keep the whole family healthy and healthy families make healthy societies. As children are the future of our country we believe the health of a child is paramount in building the future of the country.

HASA is developing initiatives and strong partnerships with written and broadcast media, government, and local communities to tackle this problem to equip patients with the knowledge, tools, and support to manage their health issues and reduce future complications, encouraging physical activity and providing a healthy future plan.

We need the support of healthcare professionals who can spare their time to help to build a healthy Australian society. We also need volunteers from our community who can help in organizing interactive sessions, meetings, lectures, and events. Of course, we do need sponsors to run the program.

Please encourage your friends and families to join the group, to be benefited the most from daily health tips and news from the rapidly advancing medical world and our changing health need.

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